University of Sunderland


The University

The University has been providing higher education in the city since 1901. The key to this longevity is its ability to adapt to change – something that former Education Secretary Estelle Morris highlights:

“The University is extremely good at adapting – constantly seizing new agendas and changing with society…when new ideas are announced academia trails in their wake, taking too long to adjust but Sunderland takes its opportunities and leads the field.”

This approach has led to many awards and we are regularly asked to pilot new Government initiatives and projects.

We are an innovative, forward-thinking university with high standards of teaching, research and support that sits at the heart of one of the UK’s most up and coming cities. We have strong links with industry and business, and work closely with some of the world’s leading companies.

Our two campuses – one in the city and one on the coast – are perfectly placed to ensure a life-changing student experience.

The Faculties

The University is made up of four academic departments known as Faculties.

Our Faculties are responsible for teaching and learning, academic development and research,
and working with partners in business and industry.

Faculty of Applied Sciences

  1. MSc Information Technology Management
  2. MSc IT Application Development
  3. MSc Network Systems
  4. MSc Sotware Engineering
  5. MSc Sotware Enterprise
  6. MSc Engineering Management
  7. MSc Project Management
  8. MSc Telecommunications Engineering
Pharmacy, Health and Well-being Sunderland, Pharmacy Schools
  1. MSc Drug Discovery and Development
  2. MSc Enterprise in Biotechnology (only the full time)
  3. MSc Pharmacotherapy and Medicines Management
  4. MSc Environment and Health and Safety-1 year
  5. MSc Environment and Health and Safety-2 to 3 years
  6. MSc Environmental Management
  7. MA Career Guidance
  8. MSc Community Health
  9. MSc Clinical Pharmacy/Prescribing Sciences
  1. MA Councelling
  2. MSc Psychology


Faculty of Business and Law

  1. BA Business and Marketing
  2. MBA Master of Business Administration (MBA routes: Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management)
  3. MBS Master of Business Studies
  4. MSc Human Resources Management
  5. MA International Management
  6. MA Marketing
  1. LLM Criminal law and Procedure
  2. LLM General
  3. LLM Human Rights
  4. LLM International Public and Private Law
  1. MSc Tourism and Events
  2. MSc Tourism and Hospitality


Faculty of Arts, Design & Media

  1. MA Fine Art
  2. MA Photography
  1. MA Film and Cultural Studies
  2. MA Magazine Journalism
  3. MA Media and Cultural Studies
  4. MA Media Production
  5. MA News Journalism
  6. MA Public Relations
  1. MA Animation and Design
  2. MA Design Studies
  3. MA Design: Multimedia and Graphics
  4. MA Illustration and Design


Faculty of Education and Society

  1. MA International Education
  2. MA World Literatures
  3. MA Education
  4. MA Education-Special Needs and Inclusive Education
  5. MA Professional Learning and Guidance
  6. MA Teaching Learning with ICT
  7. MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  1. MA English Studies





The Student Recruitment Regional Office

The European and East Mediterranean Student Recruitment Regional Office is responsible for the region of Europe and the East Mediterranean.

The main objective of the European office is to promote the University of Sunderland in the designated region and also the most important assist students with their enquiries and applications.

We also assist students with their accommodation requirements and any other possible advise that they may require.

The Regional Office is based in Athens, Greece.