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Glion Institute of Higher Education – Glion Campus

Route de Glion 111 / 1823 – Glion sur Montreux, Switzerland
Suzanne Kaloudi – Ebener




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Glion Institute of Higher Education (GIHE) is a private Swiss institution offering undergraduate, postgraduate and master programs
in the fields of Hospitality, Tourism, Event, Sports and Entertainment Management. Located on two different campuses, one in Glion
– above the famous resort of Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva, and one in Bulle – in the heart of the Gruyère region famous for
its culinary specialties – GIHE has the unique advantage of offering to its international student body an ideal, safe an multi cultural
educational environment.

Accreditation & Recognition


  • NEASC – Accredited at university level by the Commission

on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England
Association of Schools and Colleges in the USA.
Beside enjoying a worldwide recognition among international
hospitality and tourism companies, staff members and the
management of Glion Institute of Higher Education are members
of the following associations:

  • AEIST (International Association of Scientific Experts in
  • Council on Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Education
    (CHRIE – USA) and EUROCHRIE (Europe)
  • Association of Directors of Hotel Schools (EUHOFA)
  • Council of International Schools (CIS)
  • Swiss Learning – Excellence of Swiss Education
  • Swiss Tourism
  • and many more professional associations

Industry Ranking – Among the Top
In a global survey of 5-star hotel hiring managers, Glion was
ranked number 2 among all international hospitality management
schools for an international career. Statistically, three institutes
occupy this ranking position (TNS Global Survey, September 2010).

GIHE offers management-focused programs for the hospitality
and other service industries. With an emphasis on both didactic
and craft-based learning, GIHE is European in its outlook, Swiss
in its work ethos, American in its educational approach and
multi-national in its student body.
All programs emphasize the development of generic thinking
skills, the understanding of contemporary management theory,
and the integration of theory and practice. The “Glion Spirit”
and GIHE’s academic programs prepare for rapid progress into
international managerial positions.Faculty
There are 100 faculty members including full and part time
equivalent lecturers as well as professionals who come to
enhance the students’ program as visiting lecturers. Faculty
members all have academic credentials and often extensive
professional experience relevant to their teaching. Additionally
they are encouraged to be members of professional associations
and required to update their professional knowledge and
participate in scholarly research.

Hospitality Programs
Glion stands out from other hotel management schools in
Switzerland because of its truly global student body, private
education setting for individual student nurturing, and the
quality of Swiss hospitality education in an internationally
accredited university.
Undergraduate Hospitality programs include:

  • Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Operations
  • Associate Degree in Hospitality Administration
  • Bachelor Degree – 7 specializations

Glion Hotel School’s mission is to provide quality academic
hospitality programs for the future leaders of the hospitality
industry. To achieve this goal, Glion provides its students with
the following program specializations:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Hospitality Management with Sustainable Development in Tourism
  • Hospitality and Human Resources
  • Hospitality Management with Real Estate Finance and

Revenue Management

  • Hospitality Management with Sales and Marketing
  • Hospitality Management with Event Management
  • Hospitality Management with Environmental Management


GIHE students are in high demand. There are on average 6
intership opportunities per student in Switzerland and abroad
in our database (based on 2011.2 data). Internships offer an ideal
environment for students to showcase their talents, which can
often lead to an employment offer upon graduation.

For the hospitality management section, students typically do
their internship(s) in one or several of the following departments:
front office, service, kitchen, rooms division and administration.

Historically, students in the event, sport & entertainment
program have obtained administrative internships in hotels,
resorts, sports federations, event organizations, health and sports
clubs, as well as the Olympic museum and other companies
related to the Olympic Games.

Event, Sport & Entertainment Programs
Glion Institute of Higher Education’s faculty of Event, Sport and
Entertainment (ESE) Management was the first Event & Sport
management school in Switzerland.
While developing a global understanding of the sport and leisure
industries, ESE students study business models for a variety of
modern sport, leisure, and entertainment venues.
Undergraduate ESE programs include:

  • Associate Degree in ESE Administration
  • Bachelor Degree – 5 specializations

The mission of ESE faculty is to offer high-quality, specialized
programs for students who have a passion for program
specializations in:

  • Event, Sport and Entertainment Management
  • Event Management
  • Entertainment Management
  • Sport and Entertainment Marketing
  • Sport and Entertainment Facility Management


Career Opportunities
Our placement office invites around 40 to 50 international hotel
chains and companies each semester to present themselves and
recruit our graduating students. A wide range of careers are open
to students, namely in the fields of:

  • Hospitality and Food Services
  • Food Industry
  • Tourism
  • Events
  • Entertainment / Sports
  • Journalism
  • Consulting and Services
  • Banking and Finance
  • Health
  • Sports Management
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Clubs
  • Spa and Fitness
  • Golf Management / Facilities Management