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Why Switzerland?

For over 100 years, Switzerland has been famous for excellence in hotel management education. A typical feature of Swiss hotel management schools is the combination of theory and practice, whereby the emphasis is placed on the personal development of students. A large number of executives in the global hospitality & tourism industry are graduates of Swiss hotel schools. The safety and quality of life in Switzerland, its cultural and linguistic diversity as well as its location in the centre of Europe have made the country attractive to international students.

Why BHMS in Lucerne?

BHMS Business & Hotel Management School is part of the Benedict Education Group, one of Switzerland’s largest and oldest private education institutions with 5 campuses in Switzerland and over 15’000 part or full time students.
BHMS has top ranked UK and USA University partners.
BHMS offers lower study costs, partial scholarships for EU students, unique direct entry options for Diploma holders.
BHMS has four facilities located in the city centre of Lucerne, two campus buildings and two student residences. Lucerne is a true international tourist destination and one of the most visited cities in Switzerland. Living and studying in the heart of the city enables students to enjoy the urban qualities as well as the strategically location with easy access to all major European destinations. For more information visit:


British & Swiss Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management or Global Management

BHMS (together with The Robert Gordon University UK) offer these BA Degrees on BHMS campus Lucerne in only 3 semesters of 6 months study, this means lower cost/investment. Every semester is followed by a paid internship of 6 months which is fully organized by BHMS. Due to this perfect blend of theory and practice graduating students are not only equipped with a world class degree but also with the relevant working experience.
Direct entry to the 3rd semester of the British & Swiss BA Degree for Diploma holders.

Swiss Associate Degree in Culinary Entrepreneurship

This 3 years program is designed for students who wish to start a career as a chef in a hotel or restaurant kitchen. Some of our culinary students also go into food production management or culinary education. At BHMS Switzerland we are offering diploma, advanced diploma in culinary management and Associate Degree in Culinary Entrepreneurship. All 6 months courses are followed by 6 months paid industry training.
Direct entry to the Swiss Advanced Diploma for Diploma holders.

Students who wish to obtain a Bachelor in Food and Culinary Arts may do this at the University of Brighton where they get 100% credits transfer and can complete their BA within one year full time study upon completion of Advanced Diploma.

American & Swiss MBA Degree in Switzerland

BHMS offers two exiting MBA programs. You may choose between a MBA in Global Management and a MBA in Hospitality Management. These 18-24 months MBA Degrees is a joint program between BHMS Switzerland and City University of Seattle, USA. This course is designed for graduates holding a Bachelor Degree and are planning to start a career in the global tourism industry or the service sector.
The program has two study blocks of 6 months and each one is followed by a paid internship of 6 months in Switzerland or world-wide.


Swiss Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management (PGD)

This is a perfect course for working professionals already in the service industry or for people who would like to make a career change. If you would like to boost your career, this is just the program for you. During this 6 months course we will bring you on a high, professional level form where you can take it to the next step in your career. After this you may do an internship in a Switzerland during 6 months which gives you an international work experience. Once successfully completed you should be able to join the industry at a higher position.


Assured Internship

Industry training is an integral part of the study program at BHMS. During every academic year, students will do paid 6 months industry training in Switzerland
(Salary CHF 2.348 per month) or worldwide.


BHMS offers partial scholarships for deserving EU students.

Direct entry options:

BHMS offers excellent direct entry options for students holding a 2-years Diploma:
1. British/Swiss BA Degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management (in 6 months)
2. Swiss Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts Management (in 6 months)

Accommodation & Meals on campus

Students are hosted in the BHMS residence with restaurant, library, computer lab, Wi-Fi, and study lounge, in modern double or single rooms with bathroom, kitchenette and cable TV. Meals are provided 7 days a week.


The official language of instruction is English. Students have to submit evidence of their English level. BHMS offers an online test, if the student has no official certification.
Students with insufficient English have the possibility to follow the 10-week University English Foundation program.
Additionally German or French as foreign language lessons are included in the fees.

Graduate Placement

Masterworks, a company owned by BHMS, provides global career and placement opportunities for BHMS graduates after completing BA, PGD, Culinary or MBA programs.
In addition, BHMS works with numerous international placement agencies that specialize in placing graduated students in Europe, Australia, Asia and North America.
A Career & Placement Counselor organizes the participation in numerous international career fairs and assists all graduates.

A world of Career Opportunities

According to the Word Travel and Tourism Council, this century will be dominated by three in industries and one of them is tourism. Companies around the world increasingly demand qualified and highly skilled managers in the following career areas.

  • Hotel, Resorts, Restaurants, Gastronomy, Catering
  • Conferences, Events, Entertainment, Casino
  • Tourism, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators
  • Cruises, Spa, Wellness, Fitness, Sports, Health
  • Leisure, Recreation, Clubs, Facilities
  • Airlines, Aviation
  • Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, IT, Finance
  • Education, Consultancies, Public Relations, Real Estate