INTRASOFT International is a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group, with strong international presence and expertise. We are a team of 2,200+ highly skilled professionals, representing over 20 different nationalities and mastering more than 18 languages, while operating in 13 countries. At INTRASOFT International, talent acquisition is a top priority and we are proud of attracting the best talent out there!
Our approach to employee selection is built upon a total assessment of key factors, which are important for success in our work. We evaluate each applicant using defined criteria and base all hiring decisions on multiple sources of information, including CVs screening, aptitude & technical tests and interviews.
True to our passion of attracting and developing the best junior talents and new IT professionals, we have launched and continued Coding Hive in Athens and Patras, an innovative scholarship-based coding academy that provides intensive programming training in cutting-edge technologies. Employing highly skilled individuals is just the beginning. Retaining and keeping our people motivated is the challenge!
We are deeply committed in long-term development of #IntrasoftPeople and offering them scope for variety, alongside personal and career growth. We have achieved that by introducing clear and structured career paths, along with a Performance Management model, focusing on personal development and career advancement, while offering opportunities for job rotation and international mobility.
Our salary and benefits packages mirror our aspiration to attract, motivate and retain the most competent personnel, to expand our business and keep our company at the forefront. We have redesigned our Reward Strategy, aiming to provide integrated and competitive compensation packages to our employees, driven by the company’s strategy, scope of each role, responsibilities, individual and team performance.
We have established a continuous learning culture, where learning happens for everyone, every day. We use SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management solution, integrated with Udemy for Business, to provide an infinite amount of learning opportunities to our people, ranging from a variety of technology stacks to business and soft skills. Our new digital learning model is based on microlearning, encouraging individuals to take ownership of how they are approaching their career development, as well as how they are preparing for challenges to come.
Within 2019, we welcomed 346 new employees in Greece, and we are actively seeking for inspired and enthusiastic IT professionals for our Tech Hubs in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras.

Let us join you!
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  • Αντικείμενο

    IT Solutions & Services

  • Διεύθυνση

    19km Markopoulou – Paianias Avenue

  • Τηλέφωνο

    210 6876400

  • Αριθμός εργαζομένων


Χορηγός Έκδοσης



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